Saturday, January 24, 2009

New CD is available today, (Jan. 24, 2009)

The title is Throttle Twister. Eleven tracks of rock guitar instrumentals.

Guitar: Barrett Tagliarino
Bass: Alexis Sklarevski
Drums: Jon Rygiewicz
B3 on tracks 5 & 9: Steve Welch
Guest appearances by Paul Gilbert and Scott Henderson.

You can order it straight from the CD duplicator here. Check it out even if you're not buying! The cover is very cool, done by Ari Baron & Plushie the Pinstriper. Click the "Rotate Case" button at the upper left to see the back of the CD box.

You can stream all the songs in their entirety and download one for free at, and I will rotate free tracks on a monthly basis so you can download them all for free --- if you are willing to take eleven months to collect them! Contact me if you want to be notified of those mp3 releases.

There will also be a complete transcription book of all the guitar parts, expected to be available in a couple of weeks. I wrote it all out myself, so: what appears in the book will be what was really played.


Barrett Tagliarino

Barrett Tagliarino