Monday, August 16, 2010

Avoid Guitar Practice Overload writes:

Hello Barrett,

I loved your last post on the "In Class Demonstration - Black Magic".

Since I cannot take lessons directly from you, I have to resort to your books and DVDs. I currently have:

Guitar Reading Workbook

Guitar Fretboard Workbook

Hal Leonard At a Glance Series: Scales and Modes

I am currently reading and studying the Guitar Reading Workbook and wanted to make sure that this is a good starting point for a beginner. I have been practicing for about two years now and know some notes on the fretboard and a few chords but that is about it. Besides the above 3 guitar learning aides, I have way too much material and I am at the point of frustration. I just wanted to pick your brain to make sure that I am at the right starting point for learning the guitar.

A beginner guitarist and a Fan.

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for your kind words.

It's important to limit the things you work on, so that the guitar is always attracting you back to play it. If you do too much or organize things so that you can't see your progress, you're right, you'll become frustrated.

I recommend you continue to work on the the Guitar Reading Workbook (it's fine for someone with 2 years experience), but also put a strong focus on just learning things you'll enjoy playing within a short time, depending on your taste. For me, that might be copying some blues tunes and solos from Albert King. Crosscut Saw is a good example.

At two years, the Black Magic Woman solos might still be too hard, but you could make it a long term challenge, to go along with the other easy stuff. I do this myself. I have lots of easy songs to keep me seeing instant progress, and then one or two harder ones to kick my can.

Lots of other songs/licks/concepts might grab your attention, but resist the urge to wander over and work on them. Stick with one project for a few weeks at a time. Getting in a band with players near your level is one way to make that happen; you'll decide on a list of songs and by necessity only practice those until you're ready to play a party or club.


Friday, August 13, 2010

In Class Demonstration - Black Magic

Barrett demonstrates the Santana classic for Guitar Heroes of the 60s & 70s class. Flipvideo cam placed on music stand.

Guitar & Voice - Barrett Tagliarino :

Drums - Dylan Howard

Bass - Alex Wilkerson

Barrett Tagliarino

Barrett Tagliarino